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Engineering Marvels Historic Buildings Architectural History Steel Structures

Modern Day Marvels: Three of the World’s Most Impressive Steel Structures

Man is a creature of innovation and adaptation. Ever since the stone age man has been constructing and inventing new and easy ways to live comfortably and sustainably. This is clearly reflected in their modern...

Steel Bridges Civil Engineering Sustainable Construction Steel Structures

Steel Bridges and How They Work

Bridges, the colossal structures that connect humanity. Facilitating trade, cultural and social exchange and more, bridges are essential to mankind...

Industrial Revolution Fireproof Building Design Building Materials Architectural History

Learn How Steel Construction Changed History

Historically, man has been constructing wonders since the dawn of the stone age using nothing but the elements of nature; from wood to stone to bricks to iron and most recently, Steel. The usage of steel in the...

Pre-Engineered Buildings Sustainable Construction Steel Detailing Services Green Construction

How Pre-Engineered Buildings Can Help You Go Green!

With the construction industry moving in a direction of sustainability, the design and building process is pre-engineered with green endeavors. In this race, the steel-framed buildings are gaining popularity and...

Fireproof Building Design Steel Frame Construction Steel Detailing Services Sustainable Construction

Top Advantages of Steel Frame Construction in Canada

Steel frame construction is in vogue in Canada as the construction sector has rapidly evolved in the country. Steel detailing companies in Canada have made their presence felt, owing to the awareness in the sector...

Cost Efficiency Project Management Industry Standards Steel Detailing Services US Steel Industry

Relevance of Cost in Choosing Steel Fabricators in US

Like others, even In the construction industry it is highly essential to rely on improved practices for deriving the most value for money as well as ensuring accurate results. Some companies, though opt for...

Cost Efficiency Steel Detailing Services Steel Structures Green Construction Industrial Revolution Building Materials

Structural Steel – A Revolution in Construction

Construction has seen many changes in material and design since it started out in 400 BC. From the usage of clay and stones to the era of using metals, architecture has journeyed a long way. The reason behind...

Warehouse Design Pre-Engineered Buildings Green Construction Building Materials

6 Reasons Your Facility Should Use Metal Warehouse Buildings

When you are in need of a strong, flexible and cost-effective warehouse facility, choosing a pre-engineered metal building works well for your needs. With the latest technology, metal warehouse buildings are...

Steel Detailing Services Project Management Steel Structures Civil Engineering Steel Frame Construction Cost Efficiency

Choosing The Right Structural Steelwork Company That Won’t Let You Down!

When you choose a steel fabricator, getting impressed by eye-catching photos is one thing, but hiring them on that basis can be detrimental to your interests....

Metal Joining Techniques Welding Processes Fabrication Technology Industry Standards

The Differences Between Soldering, Welding and Brazing

Soldering and welding have been used interchangeably as most sheet metal terms and although they are similar in operation, their processes are quite different. Similarly, welding and brazing are individual...

Building Materials Fireproof Building Design Cost Efficiency Civil Engineering

Structural Steel vs. Reinforced Concrete

One of the early decisions that every structural frame requires is the decision to use steel vs reinforced concrete. This decision is taken by the builders themselves, who would opt for structural steel...

Industry Standards Steel Frame Construction Steel Detailing Services Fireproof Building Design Green Construction Fabrication Technology Cost Efficiency Pre-Engineered Buildings

Benefits of Structural Steel in Construction

Advantages of steel as a construction material: Structural Steel has evolved to be a popular building material of choice for several construction specialists for developing residential abodes to skyscrapers...